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'White Bike'

I've been delighted to be able to be the assistant sound designer for the wonderful and talented Pete Malkin on a production called 'The White Bike'. Directed by Lily McLeish, its moving storyline is based on the tragic death of cyclist Eilidh Cairns, which inspired writer Tamara von Werthern to create a play after cycling past the memorial 'white bike' of Eilidh every day on her commute in London. The sound design uses a lot of atmospherical sounds including the daily noises of the city, as well as a fluid underscore of music and drones. The show moves fast, following the character's journey across London as well her intense and happy memories..

It's been an interesting process, controlling the balance between sound realism and suspended reality, such as using music to highlight these different moments. I've enjoyed working with all the team and on the show and look forward to seeing it run!

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