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'13' by Mike Bartlett

I've just finished working on the play '13' by Mike Bartlett:

"Recurring universal dreams that haunt Londoners in the midst of economic gloom and ineffective protest. Whilst the Prime Minister considers a preventive war, a young man returns home with a vision for the future.Following a year in which populism has taken to the streets and political order has never seemed more uncertain, 13 explores the meaning of personal responsibility, the hold that the past has over the future and the nature of belief itself."

The play, although written in 2010/11, became very current and relevant for us as a company in light of the general election, with the two main characters resembling in many ways Corbyn & May. I was the sound designer on the show and managed to implement musical creations as well, such as jazz and dance music as well as a staged piano that I pre. recorded and hid a speaker inside to give the impression of the actor playing live.

It was a very technical show, with video and a vast lighting rig that meant we had to sync a lot of sequences together so that they were tight during the show.

The show appeared to be successful and I thought the sound was varied throughout, with underscoring and key moments.

Our director was the fantastic Dan Bird.

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