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'Hitchcock Blonde'

This week I just finished my show called 'Hitchcock Blonde' with the fantastic Director and head of acting at RCSSD: Geoff Coleman.

This is a play about Alfred Hitchcock's obsession with Blonde woman, which can be seen throughout his long line of movies. It also highlights the industry's struggles for women trying to make it in the world of show biz. I was sound designer on this project and had a composer called Harry Johnson, who's beautiful music I curated and put together in Qlab, as well as created my own sounds and compiled these together alongside his score. This was a fantastic project; working with 3rd year Acting students and other Theatre Practice students including Paul Colwell; a brilliant lighting designer and tutor at RCSSD.

As well as performing 6 shows at the University, we got the fantastic opportunity of taking the show to Barcelona, Spain in a festival of theatre schools, performing twice. It was a challenging process but rewarding nonetheless; being given the chance to present our work to different theatre schools from across the world, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, China & the Julliard School, New York.

The completed work was a success and we had good feedback from many different people. Here are a few pictures and samples from the show! :)

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