Before I went to Royal Central to start my uni degree. I had no clue about what a sound designer did as well as the world of sound & music for theatre and film that no-one seemed to advertise or teach about. 
I found Gareth Fry's website who had a very useful Q&A with advice for students and people interested in sound for theatre. He also has some other pages such as useful sound equipment to buy and collect to help out with day-to-day work.
Despite having a limited time under my belt, I wanted to add my experiences so far from working on smaller shows and my time in theatre school.
As there isn't much advice when you google about sound design and technical work, I want to help anyone that is thinking of going to drama school or elsewhere to learn about sound and explore this further!...


Before I came to Central, I fortunately was given a MacBook by my friend, however I soon realised that this just wasn't quick enough to handle DAW software such as Logic and QLAB (both important and frequently used softwares in Theatre sound)
I now have a MacBook Pro 15'' Retina- this is good as it has an SSD drive (faster drive than tradition hard disk drive- such as loading and writing files etc)
It took me by the end of the degree to have this good computer as obviously money doesn't grown on trees and Apple are expensive...
DAW- I would reccomend investing in Logic Pro or Pro-Tools for Mac as your DAW. These I think are the best ways to edit audio, layer tracks to create songs etc if you're musical. This is a crucial bit of kit that you will use all the time especially if you need to improve sound files for a show etc, or create some cool stuff
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